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The "OGS Archive System of Instrumental Seismology" (OASIS) is the information system aimed at organizing, archiving and accessing to the OGS seismological data. OASIS is made by a data-base, a double archive of digital waveforms, and a web interface, set up on a specifically devoted hardware infrastructure.

The OASIS data are structured in two parts, i.e. a database that manages all the information of the seismological instrumented sites and a double archive of waveforms, for the continuous and extracted data, respectively. Data concerns both permanent networks managed by OGS for the seismic monitoring of the North-Eastern Italy (almost 50 stations), and temporary networks or isolated stations deployed within some research projects (about 200 stations).

The OASIS database and web site have been greatly inspired by ITACA, the archive of the italian accelerometric data. The original model has been improved in order to handle the high complexity of the seismological data properly.

The OASIS web site accesses data through three main sections::

Searches in OASIS data are organized by networks. A complete description of the networks can be found in Network Description.

Sites section accesses to the information concerning the seismological sites managed by OGS as well as sites managed by other institutions willing to share this information in the framework of callaborative projects where OGS is involved.

Event Waveforms section implements the search and download functions of waveform records concerning seismic events. This archive may contain records of both natural events (e.g.: earthquakes) and source controlled experiments.

Continuous Waveforms section implements the search and download functions of generic pieces of waveforms within the stream of continuous recordings. This functionality allows to search and retrieve any piece of signal, with some limitations about the overall size of the resulting files.

Continuous waveforms are stored in miniSEED format, according to the SEED standards. The archive is managed by the Antelope® system, developed by BRTT; however this management is transparent to the OASIS users.

OASIS Site data are free. OASIS Waveform data can be accessed with three levels of permission properties. The first level is for internal OGS users and leaves free access to all OASIS data. The second level is devoted to project partners and it makes specific data-sets available through restricted login. Finally, the third level provides free access to a subset of the whole dataset only.

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